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ABOUT The Chat:
The chat is hosted by iWebcam.com Network. If you have any questions about the chat
please visit iWebcam.com and select their support option. They have very fast support. One thing
we really like is that you can always ask the many people online for help. The chat is so easy most
people on the chat can answer your questions for you.

Please note that our chat room is placed on the iWebcam Network. As a result the thousands of people
that go through iWebcam daily will have access to our room through the iWebcam LiveRooms list.
Likewise, we have access to all the rooms on the network via the LiveRooms button located at the
top of the userlist.
Ucams - Chat guest login
The chat is Free. If you do not want to register
with iWebcam.com Network simply choose a
name and login. It's as simple as that. No Strings!
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Chat Free Registration - Ucams.com
If you choose to take advantage of the FREE
registration all that iWebcam requires is a valid
email and password. The registration is instant
and ensures that no one else can use your

Also, as a registered members you are able to
collect and gives STARS. Each STAR is worth
$.25 US and may be used on site to purchae
stuff or simply "Cash Out".
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Broadcast Webcam on Chat - Ucams.com
At any time while you are logged in as a guest you
can click the Free Registration button in your video
window to register.

Click the Broadcast here button to send Video and
Audio to everyone in the room. If someone is
watching you binoculars will appear over their
username icon.

In the top of your video window your current
(cr) credit level for your account will be displayed.
You will need to register to activate an account
at iWebcam.com Network. Credits can be cashed
out for cash.
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Chat Options - Ucams.com
These optoins are found when you view someone's video by clicking their
name in the user list. If you are registered you can give someone a STAR
if you have credits in your account.

PM: Private message available to upgraded members

Ignore: When clicked blocks that person's chat from your main text and
private messages.
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This is the access button to the entire iWebcam Network. The number
of people currently on chat is displayed on the button. Click this and then
click any of the listed rooms to enter.
iWebcam - Live on Chat
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Ucams - Chat Stats
The stats header show how many people are live
on iWebcam.com Network. There are private and
open chat rooms.
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Your support of only $5 US would be appreciated.

We hope you enjoy this new chat on the internet. We will be improving as we grow. Thanks for all your support!

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